Hello, here’s my Rift Industries - Harrisoni Archangel. Still trying to figure out how best to create surface displacement details via my textures in Cycles. I get some displacement but am trying to find the best node setup to really draw out the height differences. (Similar to the UV displacement thread.)

Very nice ship! You might try using a displacement modifier to get the detail you want, as long as you have enough vertice count to displace properly. That way, you use the texture as color with uv and as displacement in uv in the modifier - but you might have to fiddle with the min max settings to get what you want.

Reminds me of SU-47
Amazing render :slight_smile:

Thank you for the ideas. Though originally intended as a finished work, I went back and fiddled with the texture more. Here’s the final version. (And, Michalis, I have COMPLETELY enjoyed your UV displacement thread. Utterly!! Great, great work!!)

This is awesome. Great work!

Thank you for the kind words. Here’s another. After I rendered this, realized I should’ve increased my bounce-light passes for a more smooth finish. Other than that, it’s done. Hope you enjoy.