Hi all,

Haven’t been busy with Blender lately, this was the first evening in 4 months i finally had some time for myself. :frowning:

But enough of that, thought of a game, not sure what it will be but it will have some strange controls which I have posted before. I’ve tweaked it a bit since the last version and added some other things.
So please have a look at this:
and download the zip from there.


Cool game, but there’s some weird stuff. I don’t really like the controlls much, but they’re ok. Also, you don’t seem to move at all. Maybe you should loosten up the camera and add some stars, didn’t really seem like i was moving.


it’s cool. Maybe you should add energy bars so one can watch who is winning more clearly… Controls resembled to me very alike to the ‘Virtual On’ two-joysticks arcade game’s.

oh boy! this is… weird…
Dude, doesn’t matter if your game’s enemies are enhanced through AS… becuz it’s already challenging having to figure out those wacky controls! [Though it’s actually fun… :smiley: ]

I remember this demo of yours… WAY BACK…
Keep it up