spaceflight template

you can use this to build your own spaceflightgames and sims. use it as you want to, you dont even have to mention me, but can.

controls are
left mousekey main thruster
right mousekey backward thruster
wasd up, left, down, right thrusters
e roll left
g roll right
arrows turn up,down, left right
rolls and turns stop after releasing the key, not realistic, but easier to handle.

the blue things are obstacles
the green thing is the prototype for an indicator.

starscreendome now with better imagesweltraumframework3.blend (640 KB)
thanx to monsters star producing whatso ever.

also attached 4 particlegenerators in front of the camera to produce a feeling of speed

a script like that in space engines that would track the speed and deration so that space bracing would be posable would make your control sceem much more fun to play around with.

On my screen everything is pink and some blue. you might of forgot to pack the textures before saving the .blend

thanx for your comment. the blue things have to be blue they are placeholders, but if the sky is pink the skymap is missing. i will fix this. i dont know python so i am not able to produce much code, even though i know a little java and java and python arent much different so i can understand most of the things that happen in python. but anyway, the project wasnt meant to be complete. it only shall give blenderusers a plattform, so they dont have to invent things new that are allready there and have more time to do some coding for example.

Nice templateā€¦Thanks!!

starmap shall now appear in blend and particlegenerator added.