Spacemen Belong in the Future, Probably

Well. Here we go. I’m workin’ on a new movie, and I used some elements from it to make an image, cause I thought that’d be cool!

So yeah! Here it is!

For a higher res version, go HERE

Hope you enjoy. Love comments. And Cookies.

And a cookie you deserve.

Except for the cheesy purple/pink background, that looks amazing.

Looking forward to see your movie, whatever it’s gonna be.

Obviously the horizon is on fire!

Siiigh. It’s one of the rules of perspective. If you’re going to have things shrink off into the distance, it’s cooler if it’s on fire.


Last time I checked, fire isn’t pink, but rather orange and red and yellow.
That aside, awesome picture!

Awesome picture. I always enjoy looking at your images because the POV is always perfect, the lighting is nice, the details is nice too, and the style is perfect.

Awesome job man! As for myself I don’t care about the color of the background, if you intented to make it looks on fire, yes maybe a more orangish color is better :wink:

And maybe I Missed it, but is your other movie online? (ideality). I would like to see it!

It’s… uh… pink fire.

Heh, no, Ideality sadly isn’t out yet. We’ve run into more than our share of problems, but it’s getting closer! Much closer! Insanely close!!!


I think You should post it on CGTalk … It is good enough.
[edit] I see U’ve allready done it…
However, far leg looks a bit inatractive when used at such camera angle.

Good lord… That is amazing. :o I must admit I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after laying eyes on that.

Stunning! Amazing work there mate.
Just shows that the results are more down to the artist than the software. (It is done in Blender right? Scanline?)

Aye, yes. Done in Blender.

What exactly is scanline? I think I know (by what it sounds like) in which case I’d say yes. I could be wrong.

That’s blenders internal renderer which shows the render one line at a time.

I must say though, beautiful work! You have a great sense of setting the scene, even some of lower poly models still seem real. Great job!

Mrdodobird, a visually stunning piece… but to me, it really lacks a compelling center of interest or story to tell. (This will, of course, change when seen in motion, but with this still image, its just not there, IMHO…) The fact that its a visual feast is that its considerably complex - lots of noise and eye candy textures, but… what are we looking at? What is happening? How does this relate to the work’s (intruiging, btw) title?

Very cooolll!!! That’s one huge scene. The image looks a lot more complex than it probably is. Is this so? I see a bunch of duplicated objects reused all over the place, but I really have to search to find them. You disguised that well. How many duplicated objects would you say you’ve hidden in there?

Your detail is so amazing in all of your pieces. I really want to do this kind of stuff.

Keep it up!!


Depends what is burning that judges the color of fire.

This is one of those pics you have to sit back and say “wow” to a couple times. The sky in this pic isn’t deserving of any bad crits. The sky is purple at sunset and sun rise. I have some pics of a Texas Sunset/Sunrise you can use for comparison. I actually love the way it looks. Very beautiful, then again I love to watch the sky.

Ian Hubert never ceases to amaze.

No. Really. That’s a mind blow there.

I saw some of your progress on your blog, but WOW. that’s cool.

I can’t wait to see more from this project.

And I’m still holding out for Ideality! :smiley:

NO, NO, NO… how???


Either you are doing polygons on a level not to the ability of normal man, or you have a render farm… how???

I have to know how do you get the detail without a supercomputer … how??

Hehe. Actually, it’s pretty simple.

Not all the pieces ever existed at the same time.

The crashed ship in the front right is a finished piece. I set up the sun and camera, and rendered it out in it’s position with an alphachannel. Then I moved it, and rendered it out again, then I totally messed it up (a jumble of pieces) and rendered it again, further out, then rotated it, and rendered that out, and did that a couple times. It gave me some good random debri.

Then I deleted the debri, and brought in the spider, rendering it out with the same lighting.

Then I put it all together in photoshop. Yeah.

My comp goes crazy with just ONE of these models.


Haha, I was right!! :smiley: That makes it no less impressive, though.

Thanks for sharing your process.

wow monumental!