Very cool!

Did you use a bvh or was it done manually?

Very nice.

When I saw this my first thought was that he would look good in a disco scene. Maybe it was the head bobbing up and down :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good job as always Env, but I have a small crit concerning its heels: they’re too stiff and the feet are too flat, they should bend when the monster walks IMHO, something like a Trex or Raptor walk.

See [email protected]


All manually made, with NLA and Slikdigit advices for avoiding the feet sliding.
Heep and feet can be reanimated, btw this is intended (for a future project) as a kind of cartoonlike character.


Very nice… but somehow this gives me a weird feeling…
I like the way the neck goes…


It was that hard? Maybe you could talk a bit about that. is it the trick explained in the blender book with mesurement between foot and all?

Env, I second what Gabio said. Also, what is Slikdidgit?

Hum, I’ve got Firefox, and it say that it haven’t got the plugin. Do you where I can find it please ? :expressionless: %|

Env, I second what Gabio said. Also, what is Slikdidgit?[/quote]
about the technic, not the guy.
Slikdigit is one of the best animator i know of on blender. He won a suzane award.

hey, cool as hell
i really like the modeling and texturing, very orginal design
the only crit would be the head boucing, it looks a litte unnatural?

on another note i have been trying to get streaming video on my website now for about 3 days. i figured out how to do the html but my server does not have streaming video for windows media player. can you tell me what host you use, i’m having a hell of a time tring to find a web host that offers streaming video for windows.

great work keep it up!

My only crit would be it’s feet, I have a feeling that it’s going to fall backward, and it only doesn’t do that, because actually he is wearing huge rubber feets on his smaller, but more balanced real one :slight_smile:
But this is just a feeling, otherwise it’s really cool.

Great texturing yet again! I also think the feet look strange, like he has to shuffle along like so many individuals at the retirement home. The sounds are cool, also!


Great work as always :slight_smile:

Any chance of you doing a rigging and/or skinning video tutorial? I know a fair bit myself, but could only improve from seeing you do it :smiley:

Gabio and Room335, I don’t know about the trick explained in the Blender book, I used the phormula (mm, correct spelling?) explained by Slikdigit, that is the path lenght divided for the stride lenght and then multiplied for the step frames; this avoid the most of the sliding if the path is quite a stright line. Because my path had a lot of curves the armature’s feet had a strange circular slidind effect (encompass effect?), that I avoided by one other Slikdigit suggestion, that is CopyLocation constrain applied only at certain frames (as the foot hit the ground).

Ok, I’ll fix the feet bending. :slight_smile:

=KH=Lupus, honestly a tut on rigging is not in my planes, at the moment; btw, it’s always the same rigging you can find explained on several Blender tutes, nothing special.


Hi guys! first of all, nice nice work env. He’s a really funny monster. The moving head gives him a pigeon like quality.
As for tutes on - rigging/ animating, I’m still working on my write-up for the conference presentation I gave, which has the stuff about foot-sliding in it. I’m also making a “mr basic” type character, fully rigged for people to use practice animation/ learn rigging.
(sorry to sort of hijack the thread)

I liked the overall animation, but when its growls its head and neck should shake/shivver…

I liked the overall animation, but when its growls its head and neck should shake/shivver…

True. It will do it. :slight_smile:


Woaaah… Neat.

I have nothing constructive to say other than cheering with the
crowd - good work env!

Strange, I cannot open your web, everytime it crashes my IE and myie before the animation showes.