Spacemouse Pro / Enterprise as left-handed keyboard replacement

So, for a while I’ve been using a Razer Tartarus keypad for left-handed keystrokes so everything is right at my fingertips rather than having to do a bunch of keyboard reaching and finger yoga, but as often happens with products from these sorts of brands one of the keys died and though they replaced it with a new one, it’s pretty much a matter of time before it dies on me again somehow.

So my question here is whether anyone has experience with the 3DConnexxion Spacemouse Pro and/or Enterprise for this sort of use-case. The fancy navigation would be a plus for me, but what I’m really aiming for is a well-made left-handed keyboard replacement (right hand generally on mouse or stylus).

I naturally lean towards the admittedly rather expensive Enterprise just because for me more buttons is better (if I can avoid the keyboard entirely, the better), but if anyone has tried the Pro I’d love to hear how it works as well.

I think the Pro version has uncomfortable buttons 1-4. I have a 3DConnexion simple, and it has convenient buttons on the sides. I put my fingers where the Pro version has 1,2,3 and 4, and I feel like I have to reach very hard for those spots. Buttons 1 and 2 can still be pressed with the ring and middle finger. But buttons 3 and 4 are completely inaccessible.
For this reason, I don’t take the Pro version.
I preferred the other option of taking a keyboard where Shift and Ctrl are conveniently accessible to the thumb.
On the two buttons of the device I assigned 4 large Pie-menu. Another menu is assigned to the stylus, everything is there for modeling.
I practically do not use the keyboard. Very rarely, when I have to switch values in the SpeedFlow addon modifiers.

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I bought this device.
Today is the first day. I won’t say anything yet. If interested, I can give my first review in a week.