Spacemouse pro vs enterprise: Worth the upgrade?

I’m looking into getting a Spacemouse Pro or Enterprise, and I can’t decide whether the wireless is more important than the extra buttons.

For those of you that have used both, how beneficial do you find the extra buttons on the Enterprise to be?

For what it’s worth, I’m on a Linux system.

I’ve used a 3D mouse for blender in the past, and honestly it was the most pointless thing ever. yes the extra buttons are great. but an Elgato Stream Deck is more beneficial from my experience

I used both but this was within CAD (specifically PTC Creo). PTC Creo is menu based with minimal shortcuts, so the screen and extra buttons were great because you didn’t have to go to the menu bar to access the tools you needed.

Within Creo the space mouse was context aware so having the screen helped with remembering what tools you had mapped to the buttons. The best comparison i can think of is hoping between object, edit, sculpt and pose mode and having the spacemouse know this and change the hot keys based on this.

On the enterprise version (don’t think it was on the pro version) there was also an option to store the most recent tool used. It stored i think about 3 of them and would remove the oldest one when a new tool was added.

I don’t know how well the space mouse work within blender and if the stuff i’ve written above would apply in Blender.

Regarding wireless, that is only useful if you want to keep your space mouse at awkward angles, for example having your space mouse between your keyboard and your chest, or you want a clean set up.

It’s my setup 1 to 1.
I used Pro and switched to Enterprise ~2 years ago.
It was worth it, however I use menus, pie menus and other shortcuts heavily modified with the Pie Menu Editor, so I use many buttons. I barely touch a keyboard :slight_smile:

On Linux, with spacenavd, there are a couple of buttons that don’t work out of the box. I didn’t bother to investigate how to make the working though. Let me know if you succeed to make it.

Thanks for the replies folks.

@Tom_Pleysier What made the 6dof joystick portion useless vs a mouse, and how did you use the stream deck that made it a better option?

Just personal experience, I found it faster to just use a normal mouse, of course this is different for other people, I just found adapting to a 3d mouse just a bit to get used to… and in terms of the stream deck, I have a profile for blender, and it has a bunch of the odd shortcuts I use often, things like import FBX or OBJ is hot keyed and setup on the stream deck, basically anything can be assigned to a stream deck

I have a really old Space Pilot which works perfectly well. I don’t use it that often but found it excelled in flying around an already made scene. It was handy for positioning cameras. It’s also great at manoeuvring yourself inside your meshes in Perspective mode to look for issues. I used it as well when sculpting. For actual modelling and stuff though I far prefer to fall back on normal keyboard and mouse navigation.

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I ended up picking up a Pro Wireless, as I really don’t need all of those buttons, and it just looks sleeker asthetically. I’m still trying to control things in Blender with it, but I’m new to Blender, so in time I’ll get better.