SpaceNavigator with Blender 2.62.1

Ok, I’ve looked through the forums, and can’t find anything like what’s happening here. I just purchased a SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse, and nothing happens in Blender. I downloaded the current drivers, plus the 10.0.4 beta driver. I have Mac OS X 10.6.8 and Blender 2.62.1 (BMesh update). I’m quite new to the 3D world, and have no idea what to do to get these things to work. I saw multiple threads with people saying that the pan and rotate was working right out of the box, but no luck on anything for me. All I have is a LED lit paperweight that works on the 3dconnexion test software, but not blender. Please help!

If youre using linux make sure to install everything: In a terminal: sudo apt-get install spacenavd
hope this helps,

jblender, I’ve just bought a SpaceNavigator (arrived today) and in a similar position. Mine works more or less but there is a limitation when working on Mac that for Pan functions you need to hold down the shift key. The developer for the NDOF code is working on the problem. More info and background can be found here:

If it’s not working at all I’m not sure what to suggest. There are options in the User Preferences window under the Inputs tab. You might want to check your sensitivity settings (I’ve upped mine to 4.0) and also the selected inputs in the tree on the same tab 3d View > 3D View (Global) > NDOF Orbit View & NDOF Pan View <- both should be set to ‘NDOF’ (I assume - certainly stops working if they aren’t))

jblender, If you are still having trouble, contact Mike Erwin directly at significant.bit (at) gmail (dot) com
He is the guy writing the 3DMouse support in Blender and an avid Mac user.
He is very passionate about making sure the spacemice work on MacOS.