I’ve decided to resurect this one, after a long, long break from it…

This is supposed to be a cheap, fast atmospheric and orbital fighter, presented in Blender-esque orange… This one is based off of an old Burger King toy. (hey, it was a good design!). As you can see, I’m thinking about weapons pods (all placeholders for now) hanging from the wings. I’ve also contemplated pop-out weapons (they couldn’t be as prominant as the placeholders are currently, however they wouldn’t ruin the sleek look, as the hanging pods tend to do. The wings are separate objects from the body, as are the intakes. I’ve been thinking about trying to join them to the body, but I’m not sure if I should. I think hull plating is next, very light hull plating, so the sleekness is not ruined, but alas, on any project like this, it is the details which I always have trouble with. coming up with good greeble designs is tough for me, and implementing them on curvey surfaces, especially in Blender has been something that I’ve never been able to get right. If anyone knows of any good tutorials/techniques to doing this let me know. Comments and Crits appreciated…


coming up with good greeble designs is tough for me

You know, Blender comes with a Greeble-maker called ‘Discombobulator’. Just switch a view to a Scripts menu and find the script. Select where you want to add detail, run the script, fiddle away.

It definitely would look better with that greebly goodness. The surface materials don’t “sell” as believeable. I like the overall shape, you’re going in a good direction.

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Go to the tutorials section and check out Better Space.

If you have trouble adding detail
to curved surfaces than using
textures for detail is the way to go for now.
Read this tutorial.
Modelling Image Maps.
Also look into making normals maps in blender.