spaceport /big city update ^^

lol i got so many unfinished projects :wink: so here is another one. this is supposed to be an airport/spaceport combination :wink: no spaceships yet, and no apshalt-texture, as well as all the other stuuf… just the building is almost done. didnt took me more than 20min, bit I certainly want to finish this one ;) thats why I started the thread. to put some pressure on myself hehe

Thats pretty cool! I wish I could see some close up shots of the top.

That looks really good. Would you mind if you posted the .blend file? I really like that blue material, as simple as it is.

there you are my friend :wink: its just in the condition of the picture above

ok so far, but hard to tell what it is… maybe a different camera angle?


I checked out the BLEND file. You got some strange things going on there.

You need to Ctrl+N all vertices.
Also, how did you get the same Mesh to display vertices and edged at the same time (Edge Select mode and Vertice Select Mode)?

The main ring has massive amounts of vertices. Looks like it was SubDivided several time. All you need is a basic ring and use SubSurf.

The entire project is larger than the Blender World. this is pushing the limits of how far the camera and lights are clipped.

Also, select ALL vertices and click the smooth button.

Other than that it is good start.

hmm. don`t know what you mean :wink:

well I spend some more time on the picture and this is how far I got:

of course it`s far from done yet…

does anyone have any suggestions for the backround “behind” the starting spaceship?

hey thats really nice!

needs more small details though, real nice otherwise

Looks nice.

About the background, you may possibly add some city outline, maybe with a glow effect. You should as well do something about the (don’t know, if it should be a radar) sphere on top pf your building, because it sharp edges look quiet missplaced in the overall rounded set.

About the edge and face selection mode, I recently had the same effect, as far as I remember, I pressed the Shift key on selecting the selection mode.

well… not a complete city, yet ^^ but its a start… didnt have much time today, cause im on my final exams. C&C welcome, as always hehe ^^

what about this one :D? -->

does anyone have any experience with large cities, and how to bring down render time, so I can use AO?

well … that`s all for now. i?ll go to bed to get pass the exam tomorrow hehe

yes,yes,yes the city gorws and grows :smiley: there is only onw problem: can someone tell me how I can remove those bright lines on the outline of the buildings? they`re rather annoying…

nice job

make it bigger