Some sci fi setting to learn more about light and composition, because i always struggle with that.

I first went on my usual way of adding colours before i thought about values. So stepping back, i made it black and white and then went back to the drawing board to adjust the values.

The meshes come from my “one hour of greeble” projects. I will refine some of them, where its visible and texture all of them procedurally.
Also i force myself to not use the orange/blue contrast again. I played around with the first image in gimp, until i found a hue offset which i enjoyed.

Project is now finished :slight_smile:

I am now working on the pier in the foreground and will place come characters there.

Timeline of the progress so far:

First step: not caring about values and using the overused orange/blue contrast

Second step: looking at values and tweaking them

Third step: applying a different coloursceme

Some lights and post processing.


I now added two characters (taken from older scenes and modified) and added some engine flames to give the ship some boost :smiley:

Aspect ratio changed to open up the composition a bit and engine flames fixed.


Worked on the right handside to get some better framing and the characters to do something more.

Bonus viewport image :wink:

Looks fantastic. It looks really cool, but I feel like it looks like the GI settings and photons aren’t set high enough…obviously you meant this, but just wanted to point that out. Love this. Cool style.

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Thanks, the weird effect is caused by the denoiser and rendering with few samples trough a volumetric body.
The final render will be done with much more samples removing the noise (mostly) and blobbyness.

Ah, gotcha. Kinda thought so, but I also thought maybe this was the effect you were going for…because it does look cool. Honestly wasn’t patronizing or anything.

No worries, all good :slight_smile:
Here another blobby low resolution rendering. Framing the left hand side thanks to some invaluable tips from a friend of mine.
I think with that we are coming to an end of the project. I think about rendering it in final quality and doing some small changes in post production.

Project is now finished :slight_smile: