Spacescape with Blend

Simple space scene.

Download link to blend is here:

Looks great! :slight_smile:

Beautifull! Can we use this in our project?(see my signature)- you’ll be in the credits of course :wink: :).

Planets are a little close together aren’t they?

Sure you can use it in that project. I would be interested to see it when it gets done. If you send me an email address I will even send you a much better version of the molten planet also (animated).

I put the planets like that so you could see what comes with the file.

I’m going to lear a lot from this, especially how to make a good atmosphere glow…thanks!

Your welcome, glad you liked it, thanks for all the comments everyone else as well. (cal el is my screen name at school).

This file may intrest you it is a to scale model of the soler system i did a while back
it is to scale so finding planets is hard, put the third layer to see text.
The model includes may odd bodies and moons like eris and titan

here are some renders i did with my model.

Nice Meatlover, I like the planets, thanks for putting up the blend.