Spaceship 1

Final version…


Nothing there?

I’m sorry,but I must change hosting…

looks nice… :slight_smile:

I can see it… and it’s lovely. Great composition with the Earth and I like the design - is it inspired by the human ships in Stargate ? A little bit of AO or other background light would help though. Also I think that galaxy/nebula poking out from behind the Earth is annoying, it would be better somewhere else in the picture. But overall, very nice work.

Nice work on the lighting of that scene. The models look great. Perhaps we’ll see it in an animation soon?

it’s really a good work.
Did put some halo stufs in the rear engine? I’m trying to get good engine but it’s a bit hard for me.

Good imaginary designwork with your futuristic ship - looks like a transporter of sorts orbiting a planet - I agree w/Rhysy 2 …the galaxy is not in in context with the planet and the overall dept of field. I think :slight_smile:

This is the best spaceship scene I’ve ever seen “aka” Good work!

Final version is much better than your last version in Wip… very good work :slight_smile:

maybe horizontal rezise can be a little bigger(part of base ship is on the left end of image)…it’s very small bug for me

great modelling, but the planet would look better if it had an atmosphere around it (that is if its modelled, because its hard to tell with that picure), now it just looks like a ball in space, with an atmosphere it would look much better, Maby someone could post a link to a tutorial (because i don’t know of any).

The galaxy picture in the background looks low quality, try and get one with a higher quality, it would look much better. But with that said, you have a very nice image anyways! :wink:

That’s amazingly nice! :]

How long did the modeling of that spaceship take?
Seems like it could’ve taken a bit of time…

TOo bad I aint a master of Blender so I don’t really know what could be improoved, just that it looks GREAT!


Nice, how many polygons is that?

looks nice!
@Milky: big stupid noob question: polygon=vertex or polygon=face?

Polygon=Something more than two sides I think so polygon=Face

they look great, but a question here. Are those ships armed in any way? it doesn’t look like it. Great job though


Thanks all for your reply…

I’m sorry but now I haven’t time…and my english is bad…

Rhysy 2 - yes I inspirated in Stargate :slight_smile:
DoubleRing - Not yet…
Tazavoo - cca 20 h
xrqlz - they are transport ship…little armed…

I make little update this pic but now I’m too bussy…