Spaceship collection

(sura_tc) #1

Hello, guys.

I dived into the world of Blender in early 2015, wanting to model spaceships. The reason was that I wanted to materialize my visions for my novel that I’ve been writing since my teenagehood.

Now that I have a sizable collection. I’d like to show them off. They are my original designs, I think. I don’t believe I copied anyone’s design, again, I think.

Every one of them are sort of WIP.

(sura_tc) #2

Some more ships I’ve designed since.

And a scene I made with those two ships.

And more.

(Kevin Roldan ) #3

Wow, I love them, My Favorite is the UE Osprey. Man i could do some nice renders with that baby.

(sura_tc) #4

Some more. A new ship design “SSS Vyn”.

(sura_tc) #5

Akabasa 2 by Red plate shipyard.