Spaceship Concept

Here is a spaceship I have been working on. This was rendered in cycles. Post processing was done using the compositor. Everything was made in Blender including the spaceship, large planets, sun, and planetary surface. The backgrounds, however, are just images of space which I believe came from NASA.
Hope you like it!

I really like the originality of this particular design. As far as the ship itself is concerned I’d say the last rendering is my favorite, the reflection on the struts looks wonderful. Personally I’d have to say the backgrounds really stand out too, from these it looks like you’ve spent a lot of time getting to know Blender’s compositor.

Thanks atr1337! Glad you liked it. Below are the first and last images without post processing to show what is 3d and what is just a background image and what the scenes looked like before post processing.

Very Nice work I am looking and learning I hope. :slight_smile:

Thanks JD-, if your looking for places to learn more about Blender, is a great place to start looking for video tutorials.

This is the tutorial I used to help me with the post processing.

It only covers Blender Internal render, though I found it useful still.

I also recommend Blender-Guru and BlenderDiplom. Plus just searching YouTube comes up with boat loads of tutorials, lotta people out there with great Blender related advice.

Some of those parts remind me of a good old Kerbal Space Program :slight_smile: And where’s the crew’s cabin?

@atr1337: I didn’t know about BlenderDiplom. I will have to check that out.

@Jedi_Duck: I could see the resemblance to a Kerbal Space Program :yes:.
The crew cabin is in the front where the guns are mounted. The engine and fuel are located in the back along with the rotating side thrusters and the 4 cylinders are the bridge that connects the crew cabin and the engine.