Spaceship Corridor

Based on the tutorial of BlenderGuru here, I’ve created my own version. I’m not a graphic artist and I use blender from time to time only. I would be happy to hear what you think about the result and what can be enhanced, so I can do things better in future projects. Every advice is very welcome !

Many thanks,

Time to create: ~3-5 days, 4-6 h each day
Tools: Blender with Cycles engine, Gimp for textures

:smiley: I tried really and I mean really hard to find something wrong with this, but I couldnt do it. I really like how you didnt just follow the tutorial exactly but you changed quite a few things. My favorite parts are the level 12 screen and its glow on the door frame and the soft yellow glow on that door frame. The little things do it for me! Wonderful job!!

Overall good work. If I had to critique it I’d say that you might have little bit too much of a fog going on, as the viewer is looking down the corridor but the bright shine from the displays on the far left steal the focus a bit. The staircase down the hall would be a great payoff with a little more detail. My favorite part was the display with the side arrows, as it makes me want to go up and see what it says. A great example of a tease detail. I really like how the screen displays a ‘retro’ blueprint.

On a side note it does make you wonder how the hell the installed a grating that big :wink: But who knows about the manufacturing capabilities of the future, right? :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you ! To see there are people who like what I’ve created is a good motivation for future projects.

@InSearchGFX: The blueprint is a screenshot from the project itself in blender, simply recolored in Gimp. Regarding the glows: This is one of the strengths of Cycles, every object can glow in a different color, this is a simple way to add more details to a scene.

@EvilTesla: Both staircase details and the large grating are the result of my lazyness in the end part of my work. As this is my second or third really scene that is not just a “test-scene” I was trying bring it to an end.

@hob-B1T I’d say completion is the proof of vigilance and not laziness :slight_smile: