Spaceship Design for short film Proxima

I’ve posted before about this project, but here’s something I wanted to show because I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking! I know there are some things that don’t look exactly realistic yet modeling-wise, but hey it’s a start (:


I also find it interesting,
I like the first view best,
but for me it looks more like a space station,
should it be a spaceship I would make it more elongated, also the solar panels I associate more with a station,

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That was actually the initial purpose for the design, so funny you should mention that!
There’s a small shuttle attached to the right front node of the ship that was the original main ship (on my profile there are a couple postings on it). But the story goes it’s the first manned mission outside of the solar system, so I thought that the ship would probably have to be A: Bigger, and B: although advanced tech, still a more functional design (due to the newness of the tech).