Spaceship - Destroyer Mk2

Lately there has been a lot of spaceship stuff around here. So i figured i do one quickie. Took about 4 hours to make. Tested some various modelling techniques. Nothing too fancy.

This was ment to be modelled fast, coz i needed to know how fast i can pull up ship that looks like something.

looks nice, but it dosent really look much like a destroyer. i cant see the weapons :frowning:

Well to be honest… i dont know what class it is… :smiley: Destroyer just sounded nice… .heh

Oh and the weapons are those turret … well tube shaped thingys near the front part and around the middle on 4 platforms.

Also the two wing like things are “big” guns… i think… in the lower part we can see one strange turret like weapon, tho its animatable and its turned “in” atm … should take better picture of it.

And i just realised that the “front” part of the ship is still unfinished :S… forgot that.

Nice ship…but hmmm the propulsion whatever glowy thing in the back is, in my opinion, too short and oddly shaped.

I’m with Borgleader on the glowy thing at the aft. Otherwise it looks pretty nice for 4 hours of work.

I’d say this is a cruiser-type vessel… only because it’s about the same scale as the one I’ll be starting soon. What technique did you use for the plating texture?

i would class this as frigate.

the plating is just draw lots of grascale boxes and shapes … saved at that point as bump. .then added some dirt / minishadows … And then they are just slapped ontop the mesh and tweaked to find some nice “balance” for the Bumb roughines and color “volume”.

With an other Background and better lighting it would look much better. The current Render looks a bit like a plastic Ship in front of a black Bg with Halos…it is a black BG with halos…but the background is ugly :smiley:

I doubt i have nice backgrounds for spacestuff, until i figure out how to map materials with “additive” on them against anything behind them without using several renderlayers.