Spaceship docking station

it’s been a while since I last posted something here.
This is a atmosphere study for a sci-fi set.

Took a bit more than one hour to setup, including lighting. Cycles rendering took 15mins. One big white meshlight and one material, half glossy, half diffuse.
Greeble models come from kuhnindustry. Thanks.

Wow, cool style. Looks like a screenshot of a music video or a sci-fi short! Great atmosphere! But maybe you should focus a bit more on materials and especially textures. But nethertheless great job

Nice, effective and classy. The simple lighting, the amount of details and the game of light and shadows make it really atmospheric. It might look nice as an eye-candy short. Very well executed.

Where are these greebles - they are great! I cant find anything relevant under kuhnindustry - do you have a link?

KuhnIndustries is Chris Kuhn’s user name at BlendSwap. For greebles see for example here or here.

amazing amount of detail… nice work