Spaceship engine: AL60-X

Finaly a new WIP from me. This is going to be the engine typ; AL60-X. I want to learn how to make nice spacships and I thought that the engine was a good start. I don’t want this to look like a “average space-shuttle”, I want it too look GOOD! Crits are welcome



Nice uhm engine dude :]
Did you have any ideas on how your spaceship is gonna be supposed to look or are you building from scratch?

A good spaceship must have a zillion engines to make it look cool.
I guess it has to be huge too.
Though in my opinion my favorite spaceship is still the Millenium Falcon :]

I would drop the toonshader, and render with either AO or actual ligths to get shadows.
The engine itself looks fine from the wire.

vliegtuig: Thanks, I’m building it from scratch. And by the way… the Deth Star is soooo much cooler! (Or Walice & Gromits spaceshutle)

Auralis: There is no toonshader, just a darkboarder to cut away the bad background color. And the render is made with AO (12 Samples Dist: 20)

very cool looking, I agree thought that whatever you did for your render to make it look like a toon shader, not so good lookinig. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the main body of the ship. =)

nice engines. i like the texture on them a lot! those black bands on it are kinda distracting though :frowning:

The black outlines do make it look like a toon engine. The structure of the meshes looks great, keep it up. Are you planning this for a large ship or a smaller one? If you’re doing a large ship, consider having engines of different sizes.