spaceship engine glow


I’m new to blender and have only been using it about 3 or 4 weeks now. I’m working on an animation of a spaceship flying by and I can get the engines to look the way I want them to. I’d like them to have a nice brigt glowing look to them. I’ve tried the plugin afterglow but couldn’t get it to work right.

Can anyone help?


Long live Blender![/img]

that plugin doesn’t work for me too.sooo sad.

cant get it to work either, but there are alot of posts here. I suggest doing a search. check out some examples/tuts on candles and flames for a start

did you try halos?


I did try using a halo, and I got something that looks decent but the problem I had with the halo is gettting just one halo and not a bunch of them. I tried using a sphere for the halo but when I did I got a halo at every vertice of the sphere and that didn’t look right.

does anyone know of a good tutrorial on how I can do this?

That’s how I do it…

Use a sphere (half a sphere, a disk, whatever you want.

It mus fit within the engine

Add a halo

Halo size must be big enought that the halo from each vertex superimposes with many other vertices.

Alpha should be low (0.1-0.2)

Hard not too low (> 50)

Might use ‘Add’ if you want


thanks I’ll give that a try. I’m also trying to figure out how to do an atmosphere around my planet. I still haven’t gotten that to work yet.

How do I post pictures here so I can show my work? I don’t have a webpage so I can’t upload them to that first.