Spaceship Explosion in Galaxy..

Hi everyone…
Check the above video, it was made in lightwave. i try to do like the spaceship explosion in space with blender… but i have no idea to do the explosion of the spaceship (how to demolish ) and how to match the burning fire and explosion(the demolished pieces with burning fire and smoke)…
Just completed the model… please anybody share your idea’s and guide me

Just break it down, it’s always about that. You need backplate, the background and stars, then a plate with ship, a plate with ship exploding into pieces and a plate with explosion. And to get it looking good you probably need to split the ship exploading and the explosion into more than one plate. Then you composite them into the final scene. It’s basically just work. And a lot of it. :slight_smile:

But how to explode a spaceship into pieces? or split in to pieces and how to make the smoke or fire interact with those pieces?

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For now the smokesim cannot interact with animated objects so worst case scenario you’ll have to use one smokesim per object. But I’m not sure that’s not the best way to go anyway, the smokesim is imo unpredictable, hard to shade so it looks good a.s.o… By separating it, making one object emit fire smoke, you can then copy the particle- & smoke sim settings to each other object…

And you create a copy of the ship, break it apart, animate the pieces, using lattices and/or shape keys to create deformation a.s.o… Manuel work. Sux, but also gives the most control and thus the best quality - if you put down the time.

And this is always the ‘trick’. This is what most people miss when they ask if you can do ‘real’ stüff in Blender - like Blender as it is today isn’t way more advanced than Alias was when they made Alien 4, what Softimage was when they made Jurassic park… But of course it is. So it all comes down to breaking it into parts and compositing it all together in the end. And like that you could basically do the VFX for the Transformers movies in Blender.

But, as I said, it’s more work than doing it in one go. But this is also how it’s made in ‘real’ production workflows. It’s all about breaking it down to small pieces. :slight_smile: