Yes, another one. And if it reminds you of a certain popular sci-fi series… It should.

I need to manually greeble the empty spaces between engines, but other than that and a few other minor things, I’m done witht that after aspect of this ship.

Which allows me to move on to the hull area, which I am struggling with… But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


And an overall shot of the ship:

Still remind you of that one sci-fi movie?


I placed panels for storage, matenance, and landing gear.



Next I model the cavaties, for storage, and engine etc.


looks like you have a very clean mesh there. keep it up its looking nice.

The modeling is quite nice, and is very remenicent of a certain sci-fi series, but, even they didn’t have fighters that looked like that, the biggest problem with a fighter design like that is that it’s got way too much surface area. It’s an easy target. Personally, I’d make it a star destroyer but it’s your model :slight_smile: and it looks good. Do you plan to use procedural materials or UV map it when your done modeling?

Wow, I really like the burners on the back of that ship.
Imagine particles coming out of that.

You could check out the discombobulator script for extra detail on the hood.
Those Star Wars ships have huge detail on the hood.

BTW, Khnum.
How come I always see you answering battleship related threads? :]


Because I answer threads that I like and or that need crits. Why is it that you always seem to make comments to me in other peoples threads? Send a PM next time!

its true…khnum gets everywhere!!! … answers almost everything %|

nice start…some cool details on the back…would like to see more :slight_smile:

“its true…khnum gets everywhere!!! … answers almost everything”

Does this bother you? Really? :-?

Simply trying to help out, if it’s a problem let me know and I can simply not respond anymore. I simply hate when I post something, get 300 views and no one says anything at all. What’s the point of posting something if no one is going to say anything about it, isnt’ that the point of the forum??

Well, it’s looking good, although a little lacking in the details department - as before, try the Discombulator. That does not particularly look like a fighter, I guess this is due to the fact that fighters (and other small ships) generally have some sort of visible cockpit that is quite large in comparison to the rest of the ship.
Another point would be bevelling, it has quite a lot of sharp edges, a quick bevel should sort that out.
Anyway, good work, and it does indeed remind me of a certain sci-fi series…

The cockpit is that bulb on the end of the ship… The only rounded thing that is… And yea… I had fun with the engines. I have to figure out how to do particulates the right way though, before I can put a fusion wash out the back.

When I finish the compartments shortly I will post more pictures.

And there are the completed cavaties. I will finish building all of the cavaties before I put anything in them. And before I finish that I will finish detailing the engine area. I did a lot of thinking on that in the last day or two…


Another update:

I added some pipes and vents and a patter to the outer most thinger… Tell me what y’all think!!


I gave the cockpit a material so that now you can see it.