SpaceShip, Final Version

Total of about 15 hours of work.

2 hour render time for this picture.

Made & Rendered with blender, post-work in Photoshop CS3.


119480 Vertices, 129256 faces.

It looks like something made in Spore but rendered in Blender… Not bad though

It looks like a little remote control toy. Not a bad model (or rendering and texture work for that matter), but it does seem a little idle and unplaced just sitting on a table like that.

Well, it is supposed to be a full-size ‘Spaceship’ But, I guess it kinda does look like a toy XD.

and, actually, this is my first textured model…

Besides that it looks like a toy, there’s a design issue. If this were real, I don’t think the body could withstand the speed it looks like the engines can produce. And even if it could, I could swear the antenna would rip off. That’s why you don’t see antennae on aircraft, stock cars, etc.

Its not supposed to look “Real”, or “Practical”.

But I see what you mean.

Well, if the cockpit stood up to the speed, those giant engines would give a few people one ride to remember. :evilgrin: And you did a great job modeling and an even better job texturing in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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