Spaceship flying and shooting

The spaceship model is inspired in a design by Shaun Mooney. It started as a hardsurface exercise but I get a bit carried away and in the end I’ve added shaders and created two small videos. One is an attempt to make something similar to a car advertisement and the other one more like a scene in an action movie.

The whole scene is made with Blender ( audio edited in Davinci Resolve ) and to make my life easier I’ve also was testing new features like Cycles-X and geometry nodes to make the terrain and the dust/smoke of the ship.

My artstation with more works


It’s so awesome. I think it can be used in one of those online space war games. :crossed_swords:


Thank you, it would be fun to test this in some game engine, but for now I have no idea or time to learn how to do it. Maybe some day… :smiley: