Spaceship for the exodus

hello this is a space ship i made for the exodus. tell me what u think so far.

and here are is the beginning of the texturing.
note: [crow] is helping me with the texturing on this machine

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i think its crazy. really nice detail. keep it up. would like to see the end product

colour update:


Base material colors probably won’t be that important if you’re planning on UV mapping it. Otherwise… they will be :slight_smile: I really like the style of this. hmetalcowgirl and I watched “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” again tonight and marveled at the CG ships and such in the film (yes I know its all CG). This made me think of that movie :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s some excellent work. The detailing is great. The colors made it look a little more cartoony than I first envisioned when I saw the model, but I suppose that’s a matter of personal style and preference.

Hahaha, it looks sort of like a high-tech shoe :P. Not that it’s a bad thing.

Great modeling; it looks awesome so far. Are you planning to put this into an animation or something? Can’t wait until you’re done.

here is the thing, i think it is pretty much finished. many thanks to [crow]

Great work!
I’d like a shot in space to see the stars environment refelected on the hull…