spaceship game- NEED HELP!!

Hello every one…

I need help with an asteroids style game, but with spaceship enemies not asteroids.
Well I got a little problem with the movement, when I release the fwd movement it stops and i want it to keep on going as if there is no gravity, and that should also apply with the rotation of the ship but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Can anyone please give me any ideas or point me the right direction?


Add a Rigid Body to the spaceship. After that go into the “Advanced” rigid body options in the gamelogic buttons, and lock the rotation axis it’s not going to rotate.(If its top down lock the X and Y axis). After that go ahed and change your motion actuators for the movement to ‘force’ and the actuators for the rotation to ‘torque’. Try experimenting to find the speed that suits best for the ship. Then you should have it :wink:

Set to 0 Damp and RotDamp parameters.