spaceship in earth orbit

there you are … its a low-poly spaceship for an add-on of a computer game ;). I thought I`d share it with you hehe :D. What do you thin, how

and here some pictures of the “interior” including the hot Captain :smiley: of the ship. The only thing left: the Name of my captain hehe any suggestions?,,,

where can we download it?

well… the game is “orbiter” a free spacesim. My Add-on is not done, yet. just the meshfile. If you want to try orbiter is the place for you ;). I guess i`ll release the add-on in about 2 weeks or so…

Are you using Guy Webb’s Orbiter *.msh export script? Is it working OK for you?

well… yeah, I guess so. it does have some annoying bugs, which cause blender CTD`s pretty often. but after some time I knew how to avoid them.

ohh yeah btw: here is a screenshot from the ship within the game hehe :wink:
i really like this image and model. the textures are great and the lighting in this is so nice, and it really works with the planet in the background. a good space altitude feeling. it looks even more detailed in the game screenshot, but it’s a little hard to see. thumbs up!

Wow those are some big gozambas on the captain there Yeus!

How many tris went into those puppy’s?

I like the ship, great work!

you mean the gozambas :D? well… in fact they consist of just 5 each ^^. Now seriously… the model for the captain has about 1500 faces (at least thats what blender tells me)... including, hair, eyes, eyebrows, face, ears, teeth, shoes, hands. The Rest of the spaceship has about 7000 (including the "interior", as cockpit, a dining room) althgouh in the game this reduces to about ~5500 , because some poarts of the mesh dont appear all the time. So Overall the in-game facecount is about ~7000-8000 and in blender its about 9000

Is my moniter messed up, or are those pics way too dark for me to see anything?

henrymop: probably both, most games are darker than needed because it makes it more fun, your eyes pick up movement, so you don’t need real bright lighting.

ps, great model! i’ve got to try out this game

it seams nice… but wayyy to dark…

Why the ideia that in space there is no light??? :expressionless:

well usuall there is no light, if you`re in an orbit on the nightside of the earth ;). And the in-game pictures were taken to get a nice light-effect during dawn . There you have some not-so-dark-pictures…,,,

when I posted this thread I thought the project was finiesh… but it wasnt :wink: .
Now I`ve added a little virtual cockpit hehe what do you think ? :wink: instruments do only work within the game.

and this the generic cockpit view…

well… I just released the ship… So if you’re interested :)…

Have fun with it… (although its only an alpha-version, cause I dont# have the time to finish it right now)

Whoa, that’s really cool, I might try this Orbiter thing out.

Orbiter is free, but there are pros and cons.

The pro is that it ain’t a video game.
The con is that it ain’t a video game.

What I mean is Orbiter is an accurate space-flight simulator. We are talking real-world here. So it does take a bit of reading of the manual before you can actually make your spacecraft do something other than crash. But this also means you are learning how the astronauts really do it.

In the Orbiter add-on websites, there are hundreds of third party spaceships created by people just like Yeus, ranging from various space shuttles, to von Braum Collier’s style moon rockets, to 2001 Space Odyssey, to spacecraft from every SF movie ever made.

And if you get the Orbiter export script for Blender, you can make and fly your own spaceships. I’m sure Yeus can tell us all about it.

I’ve tried to make my own Orbiter add-ons, but they have been less than successful.

After some Time I decided to pick up the development and I did everything with blender-again… including the cockpit-panels etcetc… but the renderings are only in-game.,,,,,,,

Greetings Tom