SpaceShip in its hangar

I decided to make an space-ship in its hangar today,
And so i did =)
The render was done in 50 secs.
And the overall modelling took around ±1 hour.
I hope you like it. (it isnt textured as i cant uv-map)

this is finished? :no:

Yep it is :spin:
I wanted to add other things tough but the cursor thingie is dis-appeared?
The thing in wich something spawns if you add it.
So its quite impossible to do something more then.
Thats why its finished ^^

to be honest, it dosent look finished (sorry :frowning: )
the hangar looks empty…and there arnet really many details, this could do well if you put some more time into it, maybe in the WIP section.

you cursor has gone, somtimes that happens to me aswell, try pressing Escape.
you might also need more inventive lighting.
i would like to see this one go far :slight_smile:

Shift+C will center the cursor. Try doing more with this. Add some materials, learn to UV map. You’ll never be able to if you don’t try to.

K thank you all for the tips i got the cursor back now =)
And im already adding some more into it =)
And about the uv-mapping im still learning it but then in some other blend files because they still arent great i wont add them in this one for now.:eek:
And can someone please move it to the w.i.p section for me then?