Spaceship in need of comments

I’ve worked a couple of months on my newest spaceship project. I’ve already textured a part of it but I’m not sure whether the textures look right or not. So any advice is greatlt appreciated!

Greetz and thx in advance, Fritz

Texturing looks good on the lower part of the hull. Is the upper part not yet textured? (says me, assuming you are using conventional up/down frame of reference in ZG)

Do you have any plan to add decals or other identifying markings? I would expect to see stuff like the name of the ship and port of registration.

Cool model !

The textures are great. Looks like you are spending plenty of time making them “dirty” so they are more realistic.

The only things I can think of ('cause there aint much bad) is the texture on the square thingies, on the second one from the right, and the last one on the left, is the same, so maybe switch them up a bit. Also, it is definitely more realistic to have dirt like you have, but I was wondering to myself - would not the front of the ship have the most “dirt” from hitting space derbis, or from entering atmospheres all the time? So I would think it would be better if the front…(is that the side facing us?) had more of the darker dirt type textures to it. But of course that may not be the front you are showing us :stuck_out_tongue:


to 3Dstracted: yes the upper part is still not textured, but I’m working on it. Those identifying markings are a good idea, I might add them later on.

To nikolatesla: I’m going to add an extra shield in front and I planning to make it really dirty. As far as those thingy’s are concerned: I think I’ll leave the texture as it is for the final render will be one at a big distance so you won’t be able to see any details on those squares.

Thx and greetz, Fritz.