Spaceship Infinity

I’m working on a game called Torn Universe. This is your beginning ship. The history is the U.S. was working on this advanced project along with NASA then there was a first encounter. Another race from deep space attacks and the infinity project is the only reason they manage to stand. After the onslaught is over you go in pursuit. There are many planets with varying advanced/non-advanced civilizations where you try to get allies. As you go the story unfolds. This is the beginning of a possible series introducing the history. In the end of the first installation earth is creating a fleet (much like starfleet in star trek) so would continue with that in the second possibly. Here’s the Infinity.

And with Textures beginning to be added,

Oooh, love the detail here. =) It’s a little high poly for a game though, don’t you think?

Yes, I’m making a high poly version first then will normal map it to a low poly for the game.