Spaceship jetflame rigging

here is my spaceship

now i rigged with a armature body wings and landing gear together. that works perfekt. now i have a problem with the flames from the thrusters and the main engine.
here in the rendering the flame is made with 6 planes. material is an alphamap with a emission and a transparency.
i’m new in blender so maybe thats an cheap solution.

now for a animation i thought i could slide in the planes in and out of the thrusters to animate them.
but i dont know how to make that with bones and i dont know if that is really a good solution.

if its better to use particles, than i have to know how to create such aflame.

thanks for the help

The thrusters look kinda cool. Would you share your technique in more detail please? Thanks. I am also trying to figure out the best way to achieve this.

Have you try to stretch your bone? In pose mode, you can add Stretch to constraint on your bone. You will need to add a target for the bone to stretch to; Empty will do.