Spaceship : No Mans Sky

While Everybody else is playing the game I decided to make a model of the basic ship
NOTE: This is not supposed to be exact
It would be nice if you could critique
Here is my reference

The model looks prety good, as you say it’s not exacty the same but looks nice. However I think you have to work a bit on the materials, everything looks too glossy try to mix it with a difuse shader and the material of the landing gear looks like the default material, I’d change that. Anyway nice work :slight_smile:

The model is good nothing to say about it and as you said you wanted to make it a bit different.
On my mind your render is to dark, No Man’s Sky use bright colors. Then as Lorkxars said you should modify your materials, mix them with diffuse. Take a look at Andrew Price’s last tutorial video about PBR material, it can help you I think.
More work and it will be fine :slight_smile:

Thank You for that
I realized that the materials were glossy but youre right, They’re too glossy
I have taken a look At andrews video
I just havent used it for anything
And the lighting, I am not sure what to do to brighten the image

Right Then
A fLot of changes
The materials And the setting sorted out the lighting issue
Still have to do some work
And i thought i was finished

I forgot This: