Spaceship out of High School building

So here’s something I’ve been working past days. This spaceship is actually modeled out of the shape of an actual building at high school.

I changed the textures, added some stuff, reworked the shaped and rendered this image which is pretty cool to me.
All of this is for a cinema project, I wish you like it ! I’ll send the animated shot when it’ll be done.


Wow that’s a high-school building?? N🧊

That’s right haha !

How did you create those clouds? Dope HDR?

I like mixing HDR ! Those clouds come frome an actual HDRi from above the mountains I found on the internet, and someone sent me a 360° image of stars on a Discord server. I took those 2 and mixed them with a gradient texture as a factor, and it gives this “near atmosphere” look !

You can check my breakdown on youtube :