Spaceship Pigeon!

Been making spaceships and doing some VFX work. My comp work need some work, but not bad for my second VFX thingy.

The spaceship as well as the flame volumes are available here:

If you want to discuss my works or just come hang out you can find me here on Fire Pigeon discord:


so the plane can brake suddenly in the air it’s a miracle the technology must have been very advanced or it could be alien technology.

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OOOOORRRR I’m stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool work, I think it just needs the right camera perspective.
A more human like position of the camera from a lower point of view.
Watch some VFX breakdowns from Corridor Crew, they explaining so much about VFX, its amazing.
It seems questionable, light shaking camera but in a steady like position with a one point perspective…
just a friendly notice for improving :wink:

Cool! Fantastic work

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the footage was taken by someone else. I live in Australia and this was from Liverpool.
I would have done it with a 24mm lens to get a better sense of scale. but this footage was done with a 100mm lens and I struggled with making things look close and far away as a result.
I also have about 100 little things that I would adjust form my render but it was my second VFX thing so I didn’t wanna worry about it too much.
but I am happy I finally got a handle on the render layers and scene management as a result of working with it.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

has the incorrect label or image, I’m unsure which one you wanted to feature. Anyhow something went funky there.
Don’t worry about it though!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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