spaceship SMC

(microman) #1

vote for the best pic…








(FutureShip0) #2

my entry is

(FutureShip0) #3

I’ve noticed that KC252’s model doesn’t show so i posted it in metal3d’s page. The link is

(valarking) #4

this belongs in the SMC FORUM
no offense, but slightly subpar turnout for an smc. hmmm.

(FutureShip0) #5

There’s a late entry which by the way is late. We didn’t put his name in the vote so if you vote his name just reply saying his name or his site or whatever just make it clear. The link is And the channel is #smc and there’s a new chatroom that I think Wasamonkey did for voting it’s #smcvote.

(blengine) #6

dammit i missed this! =(
nice turnout =)

(rwenzlaff) #7

Yeah, I showed up just as they were posting thier votes, So I did one for fun in the same time limit.

BTW, there’s an extra “.” at the end of the link, it should be