Spaceship trailer made on blender!

Hi everyone let me show you the trailer of my sci-fi, electronic music project C&C are welcome.


soon the second part

I would smooth out the animations on both the characters and the camera. It doesn’t move as smooth as it should be.

Thanks XeroShadow for the advice!

Thanks XeroShadow for the advice!!

I agree with XeroShadow. And I don’t like the long expositional texts, but otherwise it looks good!

Thanks Palosaari for the advice about the text, good point for the next videos!

Props for the creativity and story element. I enjoyed the text aspect of it. I think you leaned toward the slower side for the text animation, which I think was a good choice because it allows for slower readers to follow, and the whole thing isn’t long enough for the slower speed to really be a bother for faster readers.

Thanks bentzero looks like you understand the text concept “from a galaxy far away”…, it helps to show the past of the video giving some space for an episode I if its need it.

Well keep on working on the second part, render times for animations make life so slow!