Spaceship Unit

Hi people

Here’s yet another one of my shots in space-models. this one is quite unfinished yet, though. The task is to create some kind of model looking like a junkyard-unit, that grabs a huge rocket and delivers it to its destination. (the rocket is absent, yet)
I modelled the lower three-quarters and sort of lack the idea for the upper quarter. There have to be some thrusters, so the hole thing can move and I am working on that.
what I like about the design:

  • it has ‘room’, that is there are no walls, so it is special in that respect.
  • it is clunky(!)
    … and it should be clunky, maybe more than it is now

stuff to work on:
there are no real textures right now.
the lighting is temporary
it needs so much more detail and I find that so hard, so I’d welcome some ideas…

c&c as always more than welcome


ps this is still work on my other spaceship design (from quite a while ago)


sorry for removing the attached pics…

they were too crappy

So far looks good. I like your concept :slight_smile:
Here’s a quick idea (and a really obvious one therefore) for the thrusters:
I know this pic won’t win a prize or smt :smiley:
Anyways, the blue stuff is what you made(really sketchy), the green is the engines and the red is the command decks and stuff like that. Would’ve gone for the engines only, however I kinda disliked how it turned out so I added the front decks… anyways you’re the artist :slight_smile: I’ve got a couple other ideas flying in my head, however I’m too lazy to illustrate them and, well, as mentioned above, you’re the artist :slight_smile:

Also, don’t forget that this is a junkyard unit - it should look like one (no need for sleek design, just make it look like it’s just functional)

great render dude - i like!

Actually I hadn’t thought about such a design at all, so I wouldn’t call it obvious!
I thought the thrusters would be above the model (your blue stuff) and look like the turret of a tank. (so they would be able to turn)…

I am in no way as quick as you are in modelling, so I will post a rough design tomorrow.

I like your idea (it has some sort of Battlestar Galactica feel to it).
The point in this ship is that the designers thought it would be more or less stationary, but it is now used to transport a rocket to a planet that has to be destroyed. so the thrusters are sort of ‘placed-on-top-of-the-design’ and should feel somewhat out of place.

I’ll keep you posted


thx kbot for your comment
I’m busily working on that model so I think there will be lots of updates in the near future

if you have any ideas on how to improve this, keep me posted


You’re right about the battlestar :slight_smile: When I though of it, I immediately got the battlestar in my head :slight_smile:

About your design - think about the directions the thrusters are going to propel the ship. It usually ain’t that much of an issue in space art, but it might be too obvious to the viewer in this case :slight_smile:
Try attaching them to the top and one of the sides of the structure. I suppose skeletal bodies will fit just right in this case :slight_smile:


you are absolutely right.I’lL post the new approach tomorrow. But I want to have the thrusters to have a real out-of-place feel: too big, too complicated.

but I didn’t get what you meant with ‘skeletal bodies’? Could you elaborate on that?


I’m sorry, I meant skeletal structures :slight_smile:
An, example, well…
Check the neck part (the one that links the “engineering” section with the front deck). Should be pretty obvious :slight_smile:
Sry for using a battlecruiser as a reference… I’m kinda obsessed with them :smiley:

P.S. just to clarify - this is NOT my battlecruiser, it’s blizzard’s one, rendered with an ortho camera I suppose, and in greyscale as it’s in the SC manual.

Hi people
Here is a small update. As you can see I added thrusters to the top of the design. They are obviously not finished in terms of detailing…

but feedback is nonetheless welcome… how could I make them better?



A quick suggestion - add a block of sorts on top of the structure, near the thrusters. I suppose they need to be powered/fueled by something, and since the station’s reactors probably weren’t met to be used like that since it was intended to be stationary…

yes i will, there is going to be a bridge and some extras for the thrusters, but right now, it’s all empty as the picture proves :)) I won’t be able to do it tonight though, cause i have to work early tomorrow, so please bear with me



Oh, wow, I wasn’t aware that the top of the station wasn’t there at all :slight_smile:
Anyways, those thrusters look like they’re gonna detach from the station and fly on their own, considering the station’s overall mass(probably a large number) and the corresponding power of the thrusters… consider welding them in a more convincing manner, perhaps you could add support columns between the generator/fuel block and the thrusters themselves…

Don’t be discouraged by my words though, the progress is looking great so far :slight_smile:
Have a good night :slight_smile:

hey lwerewolf

thanks for your comments, :)) nope, they rather motivate than discourage.
I will post more progress tomorrow. glad you like it so far


actually I am not too happy with these updates… my energy doesn’t seem to be focussed on the model :((

still, I’d call these ‘experiments’

so this experiment is about attaching the thrusters more to the rest of the model and giving an overall structure. (I will have to remodel the thrusters from scratch, though) but just to give some kind of idea of how they might be connected to the rest of the unit.

c&c please



The design looks really interesting. But I do wonder if attaching those engines underneath them is such a great idea. Think about where the force is going when they are operating. I would think they would be directly on top of the ship, and they would be braced at their front side, not their bottom (at least not visibly, of course)… Also, the older part of the ship (since the engines are a retrofit, right?), needs more detail on it top and the upper edge of the sides. Keep working on it, I’m sure it’ll be great!

About the force direction - QFT, although he already knew this :slight_smile:
About the lack of detail - Quoted for truth!

actually I am not too happy with these updates… my energy doesn’t seem to be focussed on the model :((

In this case, you might want to consider taking a break from the model until the urge to do something hits you :slight_smile: Sometimes just a day without blending will do the job… Also, why don’t you try to draw a sketch first and show it to us? If something goes wrong, this way at least you don’t have to delete stuff that was time-consuming to make, and it is really less stressful to model with some reference :slight_smile: