spaceship version 4 :D

so… what do you think ?



The modeling looks really nice. The halo effects could use a little work though. They’re too… Christmasy. And I have to say, the Blender star sky really detracts from any space scene. It just looks cheesy in my opinion. And it isn’t that hard to find or make a good star background. Other than that it looks really good. Extra points for an original space ship design.

For the next ship I will try to make a realistic Galaxy efx :D.

Have you considered doing an underwater scene with this design? To me the shape/style of your model looks more suited to an aquatic environment than a space scene.

mmm… I already render a very small animation with this ship…so the answer is no :D, but… you give me a very good ideea and a challenge underwater scene

For a underwater scene I wanna make a ship with future like windows(round), boat details, and more specific to underwater water…

I think that a underwater water scene without fish, leafs and similar things that is not a water scene