Spaceship WIP (Engine Update Dec 31st, P7)

Ok I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, so here is yet another spaceship.

I modeled it in trueSpace first and really liked it so I wanted to try to save it and if possible, improve it abit. But now I’m at the point where I need a fresh perspective on it.

C&C please.

I can’t see the picture :o

…umm, now I can :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sleek design, but I can’t help thinking that the front part needs some more mesh detailing.

Looks good, kind of reminds me of the Asguard (sp?) ship from SG-1. What is it’s primary function. Looks to me like a sleek transport or gun ship without any guns on it. I agree with [email protected] that the nose of the ship needs a bit more work. Also, if it’s a space ship why so many intakes on your engines, what’s it taking in? Perhaps give the central hull some view ports for passangers to look out, maybe a docking ring somewhere. Looks like you started to do that on the top of the ship. Keep it up, will look really good when the textures and materials are added. =)

Yeah I agree the nose is a bit plain, it had a center window at first which i removed when i converted it to blender, not really sure what/how to add to the nose. Any thoughts?

I added a airlock for docking on the side I forgot to take a pic of, trying to be careful of scale as that always gets me down the road. The engines were kinda modeled on jet engines, I don’t really have a theory worked out on how they work but as space has a bit of “stuff” in it maybe that could be a fuel source like air for a jet. The guns are in the wings, in those dark areas, I’m still not too good with lighting setup so it’s a bit too dark. The double protrusions are “supposed” to be missle launchers but I’m thinking of reworking them, just too rounded.

As for it’s role I was thinking more of a cargo ship like say from Privateer. Kinda a general role transport that could dogfight if it had to. Kinda like the ship in Titan A.E. perhaps.

Thanks for the comments, keep em comming. I’ll update as soon as I get something added to it.

Ok after a case of block I changed a few things around.

Reworked the missile launch tubes. I’m much happier with them now:

Added some (things) to the front I wanted to add a place for braking thrusters and ended up putting in a trekish (I know) sensor or whatever I’m not really sure what, I might remove it. Also changed the windows as the pilots couldn’t really have seen out the side ones anyway.

Learning the crease (Shift-E) tool which helped alot, also loop cut (Ctrl-R) just wish I had figured it out sooner would have saved alot of trouble.

C&C Please.

Looking good! Yah, when I learned the loop command I was a lot happier too. Creases really make a subsurf mesh come to life. :slight_smile: I just noticed that your blades in your turbine are part of the ship body mesh, might think of making those into they’re own mesh so that they can be animated at some point. Could probably start adding in some procedural materials if you wanted too. Keep the updates coming.

Really nice ship :slight_smile: i dont really have any crits, just keep detailing it. You also might want to put it in a simple space background. I think the blue can be kinda distracting…

Thanks for the feedback guys, I guess I’ll use my starfield background I’ve been working on in the mix next time I can work on it. One good thing about this is it’s a entertaining way to learn my way around blender.

Not sure on the engines, I was gonna do this for a game model but I couldn’t help adding to it, now it’d be way too much for a game. But I still have a low poly copy saved as a backup.

Looks cool. A little smooth and sleek for my tastes, but cool none the less.

If it has a crew of about 4 - 6, then I might look it alot. If it is supposed to be a giant 100 crew ship, not so sure.

Thanks NeOmega, in answer to your question:

It’s not a huge ship, kinda cross between fighter and cargo ship. I have a very hard time with scale so I don’t convey size very well, heck if I designed an inside I think I’d have to redo the whole thing.

I was thinking 2-4 decks, the lower half is cargo or equipment, the upper half command and crew quarters. I was thinking that one person could fly it alone but three would work normally.

And now the update:

Added ports for thrusters:

Not really happy with these but they are close to what I wanted. Would have liked more smaller ones but not going to go for “super” detail.

Redid the front:

Changed the nose abit, was trying to get it more rounded then it was before. Not quite used to blender or subsurf yet. Had a hard time getting a smooth pointed nose without TRIs. In the end figured I’d take a page from wingcommander and make this the main sensor array.

Reworked the gun ports, still might do a little detail on the guns but for now they’re just barrels.

Aside from that I think I’m gonna call this one and start the really “fun” part… texturing, maybe I’ll learn something about UV mapping.

If anyone has any helpful links about mapping or texturing ships, now is the time to post your wisdom. I’ve been to better space, also blender wars. Was gonna try UV mapping this but no matter how I do it looks like it’ll be a nightmare.

One last look before I start:

PS: Incase you couldn’t tell lighting tips are also welcome.

You may find this helpful: and especially this

Nice looking ship. Original.

I’d imagine you map it as such:

place seams at the base of the vertical wings, the engine mount bases, and around the mouths of the missile bays, mouths of any of those other “cavities”, and one seam HORIZONTALLY around the centerline of the entire body and horizontal wing section. This way you can unwrap most of the model into pretty flat pieces, which is much easier to work with. In fact the overall flatness of this particular model makes it an easier model to UV map than most.

Hey thanks for the tips NeOmega that really helped me get a handle on it.

I guess I don’t have to tell you all I’m a total noob at unwraping my models, always used procedural textures and flat mapping on groups of faces. :expressionless: I’d rather improve my methods and start UV mapping instead.

But I must admit I’m having a real hard time with this one, I’m stuck on this:

I made seams where I could unwrap it fairly flat but it’s not flat enough, LSCM helps but two problems really:

  1. The wings aren’t part of the main body, even if they are joined as one mesh the verts aren’t linked and linking them isn’t something I want to do as it would change the shape of the wings.

  2. In order to get the texture to line up the way I want it I’ve unwraped the top and bottom of the main body and wings to [bounds 1/1] which gets the texture right where I want it but makes it stretch around the edges, short of manualy edited the UVs is there any way to fix this?

LSCM is harder to get working in this case because I want some of the faces to overlap. On the other hand even if I try to pin some verts on only one part that it doesn’t unwrap the faces on the edge flat enough.

I guess I’m just being lazy but a few pointers would be very helpful so if anyone cares to… please and thank you :smiley:

Awesome. I can’t wait to see how you textured it!

  • Andrew

hey, that looks pretty sweet.
I have just one question. Is that ship supposed to be able to land? If it is… how?

-manaic 4 hire

No it can’t land… space dock only.

Thanks for the comments, I’m thinking about goin with a procedural texture for metal and dirt and using gimp for paint and decals at this point, one good thing about it at least I’m learning my way around gimp.

Here is a tiny update, no textures are final but some are close. Anyway some crits would be helpful.

The textures look pretty good to me, though depending on what this ship is used for, some damage and general weathering might be nice. And the bright red in the engine looks kinda wierd… I would definitely get rid of that.

Perhaps not remove the red copletely but make the central dome black and the outer rim grey, leaving only the blades that color red. Could also use some painted shadows on the interior of the blade since they are not individuel blades but one continues mesh.