My last work is spaceship…
I tried to real lighting…

you’re image is very slow loading. try using a different server.

It loads fast now, and its an excelent pic.

It’s very dark, and very glossy, but exelent modelled!
I would like some lights from the engines too, but that’s just my opinion!

Very nice, makes me want to get back to work on mine.

Only thing that seems off to me is the gloss on the back end of ship and the plane with the windows just in-front of the big guns on the side.

thanks for sharing.

Yes! Excellent stuff! It’s always nice to see a spaceship with good lighting!

I’ve only got two crits:

First, the right side of the ship is completely dark; I’d suggest adding a faint, non-specular, blueish light on that side, just enough so you can pick out the details.

Second, I think main light is a tad too bright, at least near the rear of the ship. Maybe try moving your light source further away and increasing the brightness, to get a more uniformly lit surface.

Again, all in all I think it’s superbly done!



The lighting could NOT be any better, it is excelent!!!

It’s very dark, and very glossy, but exelent modelled!

Some people like images that are completly lit and easy to see.

I for one definatly love the dark dramatic look, and exelent use of contrast. I do not think it could be better, whatever you do, do NOT change it, it is beautiful. I especially love the glossy look, like on the back of the ship, it jsut gives it that dramatic ‘Feel’. Lets not forget, in space, the sun comes from one direction, so one side must be almost pitch plack, the other very lit, so this is definatly what it should be on my opinion.

I love it the way it is. No crits from me.

Wait! I found somthing! The atmosphere of the planet could be smaller, atmosphere’s are often greatly exaggerated (Is that spelled right?), but maybe this planet is extra airy, so, that is my opinion. Thats all i gots.

Keep it up!


Second look reveals some strange and useless things on the spaceship, but it’s the impression that counts.
Great earth too
10/10 for earth and the placement of the sattellite
7/10 for the ship
9/10 for the lightning but i don’t know how you could do it any better


Very very sweet, The composition is well balanced, the dark and the light are perfect imho, Its awesome!

There are no soft shadows or ambient ligth in space

Superb work. Makes me want to write a sci fi story.

Great artwork! :o
lighting is good, no crit …
just a little question: is the planet modelled or a background pic ?

woow very cool !

Thanks all for your reply!
I know that the spaceship and lighting is not absolutely perfect but I try…
The planet is foto Earth from ISS…