Hey all,

Been a while, but I keep coming back. Blender keeps getting more amazing each time I see a new version.

So I sketched this ship up on friday, finished modelling and uv unwrapping on Saturday. Working on textures now. I guess its too late for changing the mesh, but looking for crits anyways for the next model. Also some help on the UV would be nice.
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interesting model. I like it though. I’m sorry that I am not better at UV or I would offer my help. I was wondering though, is that back gray part going to stay that way texture wise, or is it going to be textured differently?
I like it, Im sorry if u weren’t going in this direction but it seems like a game model to me. Very nice either way though

The back still needs textures but I need to find a tutorial on painting metal or something along those lines. It is designed for use in a game.

Very good low poly, very Freelancer-like, cool. One question, are those things at the front guns?


Yes, the things in the front are supposed to be guns. I reworked the texture. Better or worse?

image removed

Reworked the textures and added some nifty lighting.

1300 polys
1024x1024 color

That´s a big improvement! I lke it a lot, the guns look like those kids pool toys made out of foam :frowning:

Yeah, the guns would definately be my only crit. Otherwise, looks great!

looks brillent!

Exceedingly nice lighting! May I ask what sort of lamp setup you are using?

I’m using a three light setup. A warm area light in front of the model with power 1, a cold sun above the model with power 2, and a cool lamp backlight with power 3. I’m not a lighting expert but this setup works well.

Thanks for the comments, I am currently remodelling the guns.