an experiment :wink:
crit the hell outta me.


Very nice work.Good attention to detail.Not the usual “sleek” look of a ship but that is good too.Some of the best looking ship designs are the ones that differ from the typical.The window lights add a lot of realism too.

A few things that caught my eye:
1st - the captain’s deck is almost as big as the ship itself… what the-
2nd - the windows are pretty good for revealing the size of the ship and for come cool visual effects… However judging by their size the ship appears to be WAY too small for such a cpt. deck.
3rd - INSANELY good lightning/nodework(I suppose?). Good job!

Maybe its freighter without cargo?

Could be… yet he could’ve mentioned this =/

thanks guys. The lighting setup is a 3 point, with node glow.

about the captains deck, i really did not intend for it to end up so big in relation to the ship XD

It seems too stark to me… like the intent was a dramatic eclipse effect, but the contrast turned out too high (then again this could be my monitor.)

Could we see some detail of what’s inside the windows?

Other than that I like it. It reminds me of Star Wars. :smiley:

Not only Star wars, but all the old Sci-fi movies as well :slight_smile: Good job on preserving the feeling! Looking forward for your progress :slight_smile:

quick update, some PS work. :slight_smile:


It looks like a cross between the Daedalus(SG-Atlantis) and a Star Destroyer. The bridge is a Star Destroyer-type design(the swept-forward neck design) and the main hull just reminds me of a Stargate vessel.

is it me or does it look rather motionless? Is it supposed to just be still, rather than in motion? if so, then you’ve got it cracked. I still feel it could do with some more detail or drama…But I like the modelling work a lot.

It’s very hard to see it, looks like almost all the real light in the scene is coming from the ship itself, but that doesn’t really self-light it. Could do with some ambient light.

I agree that lighting would need a little tweaking. The foreground object and the background are quite blended so the observer does not focus on the model.

massive bump

some more work :slight_smile:

(ie it has a front now XD) :smiley:

EDIT: wow, that compression kills it check here:


First thing you might consider is taking the spacecraft from the sunside. seeing as there is only a sun, out there in space, it look to me though, as if you have multiple lights. also, I can see the light emit a little glow outside their surface. scratch that. there is not atmosphere to blur that shit up. another slight detail is the lengt of the lights, of you were to divide them into smaller windows, with small bars vertically, it would become very much more realistic.