I had this posted in animations but it’s really a wip. I’m not to sure about this texture.


this should be a better pic.

Cool concept! How did you do the background by the way? It looks kinda cool but just barely bland. Try this tutorial out maybe:

About the textures: The red text on the ship is completely illegible. Maybe outline it in black or something? Or at least pick another color. Also the window textures should be really reflective on a spaceship and darker.

Nice work so far! :slight_smile:

thanks for the input, for some reason the text is only illegible on this browser, why I’m not sure, I made the background in photoshop. the “windows” are a part of the sheild set up I wanted to get more glare out of it but I’m having a hard time with the node, i guess I’ll try to tweek it more. I’m considering some docking lights of some sort. thanks again.


I really liked the tut, I will be making more later, just thought I’d show it with the new background and lighting adjustments. i think my lighting needs more work now that the background is different and is showing several light sources anyone think I should add a lamp for each bright star? maybe different distances and energies?

I’m seeing that it doesn’t look good with this browser but looks good on my viewers.