Spaceships needed for Sci-Fi short.

The link above takes you to the Barrier Blog, which has all the up to date information on the Barrier project. A rousing sci-fi tale chronicling the adventures and misadventures of a family competeting in the Barrier Racing League, where each team strives to be the first to break the Einstein Barrier, the speed of light.

The short movie stars Claudia Christian (of “Babylon 5”,) Bruce Hoskins (of “The Lord of the Rings,”) and Matthew Werkmeister (of “Neighbors.”)

The short movie has finished principal photography, and is now entering the post-production phase, which is where everyone else comes in. To help flesh out the look of the future, the Barrier team is looking for starships of every shape and size to populate the world of a busy space port. All the necessary details are in the link, and I hope you’ll take a look.