Spaceships [WIP] Beginner

Hello everyone!

I am new to the forum and new to Blender and 3D modelling (I had tried to make some 3d models a few years past but it was nothing important and dumped the hobby).

But a while ago I have started to learn and tried to grasp in the game development world :). And now I just try to create some spaceship models for a little game in unity to experiment and learn new things (and unshackle my inner artist :stuck_out_tongue: )

So here is my first try to create something, a simple low poly spaceship:

The only problem is that I just hate it, itโ€™s just uninteresting at all, and I have no ideea how to improve it.
So any suggestions are welcome, maybe some tutorials about modelling spaceships where I can see more techniques for improuving my work in the hobby.

Here is my second try, but I am stuck again after messing up the wings a few times because they just donโ€™t look ok:

Thanks to you all!


Hey these are not that bad! I like them both. I think that if you worked more on them they could end up looking really good!
Here is a tutorial I found about spaceships, you may have seen it allready.

Thanks, I totally need to work more to achieve more but I will try, thanks for the tutorial, I have not yet seen it until now.