Blender + Yafaray. The Earth was also made in blender but in a different scene. Post in Gimp.


Nice render i like it. the only thing is there’s a bit too much noise on the walls/computer and maybe you can add some kind of glass dome at the entrance because it looks like you can just fall out at any second. but that’s just personal preference.

i think the noise might come from ambient occlusion but its ok! good work dude… i like it… and yeah… i agree… needs some glass :stuck_out_tongue: to lose the noise bump up the AA samples

Nice work! I like it.
Some fun now. Imac in space lol. Environment here is ideal for apple, no problems with display. But blender in space? wow. is it v2.5x or v2.49 ? Downloaded the last builds?
OK, nice work, some more samples maybe.

it’s obviously 2.49 :stuck_out_tongue: (just click the thumbnail)

but ye, a mac in space :stuck_out_tongue: guess that’s what happens when space becomes for the rich and frivolous :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments! =) Here´s a new version based on them.


maybe add a bit of dirt/scratches to a texture?

Not being rude, but don’t you think things in space would be pristine, so they don’t fall apart in space?

nope, unless they find forcefields, micro dust etc will scour any glass tbh

if you’re going for a stylized spaceship, ye, but micrometeorites in reality screw up any exposed surface

This is better, its a stylized spaceship. But Mac displays need some more attention. Most of the time reflections is the only thing I can see. (I’m a macuser alright).
Something like this?


Maybe tone down the vignette a bit? Or soften it? It looks a tad hard.

Yeah that looks much better, maybe add some sort of a border around the glass? so it is not like the glass is attached to the wall…kinda unrealistic ya know…