"Spacesuit" Game Character Model

Hi, everyone

I’ve made this character for the project — a remake of an old classic — we’re currently working on with my brother.
As this is my first attempt into making a proper character for a video game, I would appreciate critique from experienced modelers (or anyone who has an advice to contribute).

The model uses a normal map and AO-pass as a place holder for diffuse texture both baked from hi-res mesh and equipped with a skeleton.

I would like critique to be more focused on modelling and overall design, although you’re free to contribute with absolutely any piece of advice.

Things that bother me most:

  1. I feel like topology could me more effective thus letting me get rid of unnecessary polygons (triangles).
  2. Obviously I am not the best person to design an original character, so, while I am mostly satisfied with the upper part of the body, I can’t help but feel that legs and waist seem a little bit. If you have any ideas that might help to make this design more memorable, please leave your comment.


looks like a great start.
As for leg and waist details. You could consider adding buckles at the boot to leg joint, right now it seems to be most lacking of detail.
For the boots you could even make them look like they are jointed in the middle for the toes. That would a make the boots more interesting. For the waist I was thinking some tubing would look cool. Something like metal hoes going from the belt down into the leg armour. These could be justified as heating coils or something. It is cold in space and your appendages do get colder faster
Just my thoughts
Good luck

the instep could use some kind of corregated spongy bit.

Thanks a lot for the input, guys.
Seems like the lower part really needs some work to be done on it. :slight_smile:
I’ll consider making the changes you have advised and see what I can do.

Was hoping someone would say few things about the topology as well.
I figured that it would be probably best to redo the waist-to-leg area to make polygons flow in a less straight horizontal manner.
Maybe there are few less obvious things I may have missed that need to be redone?

you could make the edge loops of the waist line up more with the wrinkles ( diagonal ).

He looks amazing, The only thing I would do differently, is make a super low detail version, and the copy it, and add in detail, then bake a normal map onto the low poly model.

also, you are going to need some crazy armature work, to make the hoses deform correctly that go from the helmet to the body,

How well does it deform so far?

How are you at painting weights?

As I thought. Thanks for the advice.

First of all, thanks for saying that he looks amazing. Although I think the guy is far from perfect, I was really pleased to hear that.

Regarding the workflow – I’ll be sticking with hi-poly to low-poly, I find that it works best for me. Thanks for the advice, though.

And about the hoses you’ve guessed right – it doesn’t deform really well right now. :slight_smile: Especially considering it’s not connected to the helmet surface. Got to figure that one out. If you know what’s the best way to make it work, I would be really grateful if you share your thoughts.

Well, you can have bones that are separate, and all rotate with differing limits from the center,

this way it can twist and take up slack,

in the game rig, press P to start the game engine, A-D rot head on Z axis


TwistyTests.blend (489 KB)TwistTestGameRig.blend (520 KB)

Great model, only thing I would do differently that hasn’t already been stated, is possible widen the chest a little, and add a logo of some sort. The legs, as stated above, do need some more detail, but I feel the final touch that hasn’t been mentioned, is to add a logo or emblem of some sort on his suit. Great Model!