Spacetime (educational)

(bernander) #1

I know there’s a separate Animation forum, but I am looking for serious feedback, so I hope it’s okay to post here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything, including video editing.

I do NOT aim for photo-realism. I DO aim for succinct communication, focus on concepts, simplicity, and minimal distractions. So I avoided the temptation of having a space-image background, 3d logos, and other cool things.

I’m using: Blender 2.79 and its VSE.

(lordgert) #2

Not bad - I always intended to use Blender for this sort of thing (as a Physics teacher) but never really got round to it…
Honestly, my main criticism is that it’s a bit long (I only watched the first one). What sort of audience are you aiming for? If you watch any of the really good science animations (I’m thinking Kurgestadt, Minute Physics etc.) they generally try to get the point across in 4 minutes or so. Most youtubers have a short attention span! Maybe break it down into smaller sections and make some of the animations a bit snappier.

I see you couldn’t resist getting the donuts in there…