Spam Filtering

(fullback) #1

Personally, I love having my mailbox filled with useless spam but I realize some of you might not share my affliction. Anyway, I thought this was worth a look.

Here’s a little background info. Kinda strange but hey…

(cree) #2

I’ll check it out, but spammers are an annoying but resourceful lot and will probably and eventually find a way around filtering.

(CubeFan973) #3

Fullback, why do you LIKE spamming?

I have a screen name that gets a bunch of spam I don’t want. They send me things for mortgages (at 12?), Viagra (at 12?) and pornography (at 12?). If I don’t need it, I don’t want it in my mailbox.

(dreamsgate) #4

I have you beat, I get spam to buy Viagra, cologne to drive women wild, tips on how to get women, improve my muscles etc…

They haven’t figured out I’m a woman!

(cohort) #5

yes they have… I get all the spams for increasing bust size, and I’m a guy…

(fullback) #6

I was kidding Cube. I am a congenital smart-ass and enjoy confusing 12 year old porn recipients.

Btw, I got one for breast augmentation as well — in the same batch as one for penile enlargment pills. I’m a guy, not an hermaphrodite! Get your act together spammers!